Quotes from artists

“The opportunity to make streaming payments equitable for the artists who write, record and perform the songs we all love is one giant step towards a savvier, more sustainable industry”

Fran Healy (Travis), UK

“No more time must be wasted. The European Commission is currently preparing to modernise the EU copyright rules and any such effort cannot deny young people coming into our industry the chance to get properly paid for their work”.

Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), UK Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)

“EU legislative action is urgently needed to guarantee that all performers receive a fair remuneration when their work is exploited online”.

Janne Schaffer, Sweden

“An unbalanced industry, whose workers are not adequately protected, will fail sooner or later. What we ask is to be able to participate in the economic results of the works […]. We, the actors, are the most interested in the audiovisual works reaching the broadest possible diffusion and economic results”.

Javier Bardem, Spain Javier Bardem supports the Fair Internet campaign

“Performers all over the world start to be tired of this unfair situation. It cannot last much longer”.

Nacho Garcia Vega, Spain

“We stand for the obvious: democracy and justice on the web, so we are entitled in a fair share of our intellectual and cultural labour”.

Emilia Ypsilanti, Greece Emilia Ypsilanti

We love to entertain you – let us! Support the Fair Internet campaign!

Christopher Blenkinsop, Germany Christopher Blenkinsop
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