Europe’s performers urge EU legislators to turn words into concrete actions

Europe’s performers urge EU legislators to turn words into concrete actions

Press Release | 09 December 2015

Europe’s performers urge EU legislators to turn words into concrete actions.

The FAIR INTERNET coalition welcomes the European Commission’s commitment to consider solutions to increase the balance in the system that governs the remuneration of performers in today’s adopted communication entitled “towards a modern, more European copyright framework”.

The FAIR INTERNET campaign calls on EU legislators to introduce a new measure in the EU copyright acquis guaranteeing an unwaivable remuneration right for digital uses of performer’s work, collected from the users who make the performances available on demand and subject to mandatory collective management.

Whilst Spotify, Netflix, iTunes and other legal, on-demand streaming and download services continue to grow in popularity and value, the vast majority of performers are not benefiting from the increased digital revenues streams. Only 7% of performers believe that their share of revenues is fair, according to results of an ongoing survey launched by the FAIR INTERNET coalition.

65% of performers state that they receive no income or less than 5% of their income from online distribution, the survey results show.

Vice President Ansip recently stated that “we want artists to be fully and fairly paid for their work“. However, words must now be translated into concrete actions.

At a time when 68% of performers have their recordings available online, it is no longer acceptable that the vast majority of them are not remunerated. The legal framework aimed to protect performers has largely failed” says Benoit Machuel, Secretary General of FIM, partner of the FAIR INTERNET coalition.

It is high time for the European Commission to step forward with effective measures to create a sustainable creative industry where all performers can be fairly remunerated from download and streaming services” declares Jean-Jacques Milteau, the jazz harmonicist.

Support for the FAIR INTERNET campaign is widespread. So far the petition for the fair remuneration of performers in the EU gathered over 20,000 signatures.

To learn more about the FAIR INTERNET coalition and how you can support our campaign for fair remuneration for performers visit our website and follow us on twitter @FairInternet4P.

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