Berlin | Musicians, actors and authors/composers meet Commissioner Oettinger

Berlin | Musicians, actors and authors/composers meet Commissioner Oettinger

The German Film Festival (Berlinale) was the occasion on 16 Feb. 2016 for a meeting between Commissioner Oettinger and twelve representatives from the creative sector under the banner of the Copyright Initiative (Initiative Urheberrecht), hosted by GEMA (German authors’ CMO).

The topics addressed included the value gap, IP enforcement, the liability of Internet intermediaries and private copying.

Famous German actress and singer Julia Beerhold, a member of the German Actors Association (BFFS), asked for an additional right to remuneration for the online exploitation of performances as proposed by the Fair Internet campaign. She stressed that the remuneration received by German performers for film and video rental had dropped by 70% from several million Euros to half a million due to the rapid development of Internet uses, without any compensation whatsoever.

Commissioner Oettinger, who already knew the Fair Internet proposal quite well, expressed his interest for this solution. He acknowledged that creators needed to be protected against “blackmailing” and the deprivation from their rights. He said he was well aware of the performers’ difficult social status from his past career as tax advisor for opera singers.

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