Oral amendment to art. 27 of Reda report by Mary Honeyball MEP

Oral amendment to art. 27 of Reda report by Mary Honeyball MEP


AEPO-ARTIS, EuroFIA, FIM and IAO, partners of the FAIR INTERNET campaign representing over 500.000 musicians, singers, actors and dancers in the EU, express their support in advance of the vote in plenary on 9 July for the oral amendment proposed by Mary Honeyball to paragraph 25 of the Reda report on the implementation of the 2001/29/EC (Copyright Directive).

MEP Honeyball’s oral amendment to art. 27 of Reda report calls for “an unwaivable right to remuneration subject to collective management” for performers vis-a-vis legal download and streaming services. This proposal puts performers’ concerns, which have so far been neglected, firmly on the EU agenda vis-a-vis the modernisation of copyright.

This right to remuneration is a step in the right direction to improve the situation of performers who, in the vast majority of cases, receive no additional remuneration from the legal exploitation of their performances on digital platforms.

This oral amendment, if adopted, will send a clear signal to the European Commission, calling upon it to address this disastrous situation as one of its priorities in the current reform process.

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