VP Ansip committed to ensuring that performers be fairly remunerated

VP Ansip committed to ensuring that performers be fairly remunerated

Press release | Brussels, 1 October 2015

Today, the partners of the FAIR INTERNET campaign met with the European Commission’s Vice President Ansip.

The FAIR INTERNET coalition partners, AEPO-ARTIS, EuroFIA, FIM and IAO, representing over half a million music and audiovisual performers in Europe, welcomed this opportunity to discuss the improvement of the EU copyright acquis in the context of the Digital Single Market with Vice President Ansip.

In today’s meeting the FAIR INTERNET coalition reiterated its call to the European Commission to address the unfair treatment of performers in the digital environment as a matter of priority in this reform process. The FAIR INTERNET coalition stresses the need for the European institutions to create a sustainable cultural and creative sector where performers get a fair share of online revenues, through an unwaivable remuneration right for digital uses of their work, collected from the users who make the performances available on demand and subject to mandatory collective management.

The FAIR INTERNET campaign partners welcomed Vice President Ansip’s commitment to ensure performers are fairly remunerated in the digital environment and will continue working with the European Commission in order to obtain a positive outcome for over 500.000 performers in Europe.


Today, legal on demand internet streaming and download services, such as, iTunes, Spotify and Netflix are ever growing in popularity. In the first half of 2015 over 1 Trillion songs, films and TV series have been streamed/downloaded, more than double all of 2014.

However, performers are still not getting a fair share of the revenues from these services.

The vast majority of performers receive an all-inclusive fee at the time of the recording for all types of exploitation of their performances. Some few performers receive an insufficient proportional remuneration.

The European Commission is currently preparing the legislative proposals to reform the EU copyright acquis expected to be published before the end of 2015. It is through this legislative review that performers remuneration should be directly address.

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